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Kit for automatic power folding mirrors : Ignition / ACC


Description : This kit for Nissan Qashqai can add a function to open and close automatically power folding mirrors during car ignition (Key in ACC position). Installation in less than 5 minutes !

Car : Nissan Qashqai
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Warranty : 1 year

69 €
59 €

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Features video


fonct 01 1 - Open Position
In this position power folding mirror will always stay open (Automatic mode disable).

2 - Automatic Position
In this position power folding mirror will be opened on car ignition: Key in ACC position and closed 15 seconds after car stop: Key in Lock position.

fonct 01 fonct 01
fonct 01
15 Secondes
fonct 01

3 - Close Position
In this position power folding mirror will always stay close (Automatic mode disable).

Product Details

Kit contents

Electronic box
2 connectors and cables
Installation guide

Power supply 12 V on the vehicle
Protection 2A Fuse with Fuse Holder
Operating temperature -40° C +85° C
Electronic unit dimensions 50 x 50 x 20 mm

Automatic closing mirrors delai on Key Lock Yes, 15s
Keep the manual switch functions available Yes
Power folding mirrors can be used engine stopped Yes
Anti-Carjacking Compatibility Yes

Nissan Qashqai, Qashqai + 2 (2007 - 2013) Fully Compatible
Version Acenta, Optima, N-Tec, Connect Edition, Tekna, Bose, 360.

(Visia version doesn't have power folding mirrors)

Wire cutting need No
Soldering need No
Installation type By connectors


No wire cutting, no soldering, Qashqai-Elec products are made with Nissan connectors. You only need dismantling plastic coverings. You can complete the installation by yourself or by our nissan dealer.

Level Required : Beginner

1. Turn off your car before starting the installation.  

Open the mirrors's control switch panel on the left of the steering wheel. Slide the spatula under the control panel then do a forward pressure to lift the panel.

3. At the back of the control panel: Remove the connector from the top by performing a pressure then rotated with a screwdriver in the slot provided for this purpose.

4. Set up the kit by clipping both male and female connectors on the existing connectors.
5. Attach the electronic box with the collar on the existing cable. The electronic box must be positioned to the left of the cable.  
6. Open the fuse panel.
7. Pass the red wire behind the control switch panel (down) towards the fuse box.  

Place the fuse holder on the slot number 10 on the fuse center line.

Warning ! The fuse holder must be oriented wire down.

If the fuse slot is already in use, remove the fuse in slot number 10 on the center line and insert the fuse on the kit in Fuse Ext slot. Then plug the fuse holder on fuse slot number 10.

Warning ! Do not use the kit with an existing fuse over 20 A.

9. Close the control panel by making a push.
10. Close the fuse panel.  

Remove plastic coverings. Lastly you need to connect the system to the existing Nissan connectors.
No wire cutting, no welding.

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